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Certificate Course In Retail Management

EProfess Group is a Management Consulting, Technology Services and Training Provider. Eprofess is a best company in management and IT sector in Bathinda. The Retail Management is the right course for aspirants who would like to become retail professionals at supervisory levels and those who own or manage a retail business. The one year program will introduce participants to various aspects of professional retailing. Retail Management course is based on the business and marketing core that includes retail rural marketing, retail business communication, operations, distribution, marketing-information management, mall management, non-store retailing, pricing, product/service management, promotion and selling.


Modules Of Certificate Course In Retail Management

Retail Management
Retail Management
Store Location, Site Selection & Positioning
Store Location, Site Selection & Positioning
Retail Advertising & Sales Promotion
Retail Advertising & Sales Promotion
Retail Rural Marketing
Retail Rural Marketing
Store Design & Visual Merchandising
Store Design & Visual Merchandising
Store Operation & Management
Store Operation & Management
Mall Management
Mall Management
Franchise Operations Management
Franchise Operations Management
Non Store Retailing
Non Store Retailing
Retail HRM
Retail HRM
Business Communication & Managerial Skills
Business Communication & Managerial Skills
Retail Information System & CRM
Retail Information System & CRM

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» Interview Techniques:

Tips and techniques for cracking interviews. Mainly, focusing on how to answer interview questions in a unique manner to get selected in the process.

» Personality Development:

Includes confident mannerisms, body language, dressing, voice modulations.

» Communication and interpersonal skills:

The ability to explain what you mean in a clear and concise way through written and spoken means. To listen and relate to other people, and to act upon key information / instructions.

» Problem solving skills:

The ability to understand a problem by breaking it down into smaller parts, and identifying the key issues, implications and identifying solutions. To apply your knowledge from many different areas to solving a task.

» Group Discussions:

Do’s and Don’ts of GD, along with techniques to build up on contents and speech.

» Working under pressure and to deadlines:

Handling stress that comes with deadlines and ensuring that you meet them.

» The Public Speaking course:

Includes overcoming fear while speaking, delivery of speeches, body language tips including eye contact & hand gestures, individual speeches, group debates, role plays and discussions, etc.

» Using your initiative and being self-motivated:

Having new ideas of your own which can be made into a reality. Showing a strong personal drive and not waiting to be told to do things.

» Team working:

Working well with other people from different disciplines, backgrounds, and expertise to accomplish a task or goal.

» Ability to learn and adapt:

To be enthusiastic about your work, and to identify ways to learn from your mistakes for the benefit of both you and your employer.

» Organizational skills:

Being organized and methodical. Able to plan work to meet deadlines and targets. Monitoring progress of work to ensure you are on track to meeting a deadline.

» Numeracy:

The ability to use data and mathematics to support evidence or demonstrate a point

» Grooming:

Attitude building, personal grooming, dressing skills, soft skills, Time management and leadership skills.

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