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Eprofess Group helped many of small and medium enterprises in India to make there business online with the help of digital marketing. The digital medium which includes the social web, web technology, communities, platforms, content networks, mobile devices and more is an ever evolving complex medium. For businesses today, with over a billion people connected online and their interactions driven by this digital realm, getting it right when it comes to their online presence, communications and business objectives is critical to their future and that requires reliable expertise, unique skillsets, rock solid capabilities, deep domain knowledge and hands-on experience which is precisely what Eprofess brings to the table.

Digital Marketing is all about Driving the right prospects to your website and booking engine is the central role of digital marketing.

But the strategy you choose depends on your specific objectives. Even the smallest changes to your campaign can make the biggest impact. Eprofess is the best digital media marketing.. In simple terms Digital marketing is the process of marketing your products through social media sites like Twitter, Face book and YouTube. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, social media marketing is able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing. It has the added advantage of reaching to a larger mass without much cost and effort.

Eprofess Industrial training



In this Digital age, if you haven’t thought of your brand image over the web, you are at a BIG miss. Branding done with right communication and tools over the web can help you to increase your reach at a much faster rate; we make sure it’s the fastest. Tools like creative designing for online communication, Social Media, SEO, Banner Ads and Re-Marketing are heavily relied on to achieve Brand awareness & Brand recall.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy for Inbound Marketing Campaigns

When you are looking to bring some visibility to your website, entice visitors, grow traffic or target specific buyers, the ability to constantly create compelling content becomes instrumental in building an inbound marketing stream or draw the right audiences around your website for campaigns. Content is the Mojo of the digital and social web and selecting the right content elements, frequency, drafting a publishing plan and marketing that content effectively requires highly skilled and experienced professionals . Eprofess specializes in strategic content development whether it’s blog posts, PDFs, Slideshare presentations, whitepapers, explainer videos, infographics, press releases or other content that can help fuel your digital campaigns as long as long term asset development plan. Publishing original and highly engaging articles, blog posts and content pieces that are well crafted, share-worthy and distributed online are ideal to start creating that buzz, starting a social engagement & being found through search engines.

Purpose in a digital strategy

The key to developing a long term digital asset which drives business for you lies in strategic content development and using it for inbound marketing. Whether it’s putting together a short term campaign with a measurable outcome or a long term investment in growing digital business, great content is the fundamental building block of all efforts.
Digital Marketing Activity

Digital Marketing Activity Campaign Planning & Execution

Our digital marketing solutions tap into the reach aspect of the digital medium and leverage activities from managing paid digital advertising campaigns, media buying, social media distribution and sharing, search engine optimization. email nurturing campaigns and web analytics to ensure every action and element of the overall effort is measured, reported and re-hashed to improve results. Based on the goals, timelines and budgets, we work with you to propose the most effective channels and drive the execution aspect of each effort. Whether you want to reach out to people, create awareness, improve visitor flow or turn your website into a lead generation machine which brings your customers to you, the digital marketing services can be fine tuned, customized and will help you get there!

Purpose in a digital strategy

Digital marketing activities are essential to tapping into the reach of the digital web, pushing messages and content, organically pulling targeted visitors through search and setting the stage for conversions into leads, sales or online goals.

Social Media Presence Development Management & Engagement

Social Media services are an essential part of any digital strategy and online marketing effort. Social media is not just a phenomenon. It’s a fundamental shift in the way people communicate, consume their information, interact, make decisions and buy. Having a social media presence goes far beyond just having a Facebook page or a Twitter Id. It’s all about content, conversations, human connections, communication, engagement, sharing, participating, listening and so much more. Creating social media engagement while getting it right is a constant daily process which needs skilled and passionate people that have a deep understanding of how the social web operates. In a world where brands, perceptions, opinions and businesses can be built or broken by the highly connected and powerful consumer driven social web, having your social media presence well managed is paramount. Eprofess’s Managed Social Media Services help you identify the ideal platforms and leverage the social web the way it should be while aligning it with your business objectives and campaign goals.

Purpose in a digital strategy

Social media is a great way to create awareness, reach, develop communities, engage with users and strategically enhance brand perception.

User-Centric Web Redesign & Mobile-First Web Experiences

Today simply having an “old-school” HTML website with company information and contact details doesn’t effectively serve most purposes or support a comprehensive digital strategy. The website and web design are fundamental to being able to effectively engage users online and need to be designed keeping web user behavior and business objectives at the core of the design process and working back from there. Eprofess considers most people access the web from various mobile devices so web design has to be mobile responsive, modern and clean designs that keep with the time, have engaging content and copy that drives visitors towards your business goals and engages them through an interactive process rather than simply throwing information at them like a corporate brochure. We re-design websites with a fresh and strategic approach using strong technology back-end platform such as WordPress, Squarespace, Magento and more which are versatile, reduce long term ownership costs, offer scalability and are dynamic. We keep in mind search friendliness, search engine optimization as well as compatibility for Adwords as well as other long term technical considerations which set you up for online success.

Purpose in a digital strategy

Web design / re-design lies at the very core of a successful digital presence. Your website remains the central core around which all other digital assets are layered and your web footprint built. Without a carefully re-designed website which considers multiple aspects, all other initiatives for optimization, marketing and other activity could fail. So getting this element right is the start to any well executed digital strategy.

Digital marketing Quotation

We do not believe in ready-made packages. All businesses are different, strategies and plans that work for someone, might not work for someone else.

There is no upper limit or lower limit when it comes to marketing budget. More you spend, more exposure you get. However, based on the industry segment like Local Business, SME, Big Brands and Corporations, we have certain lower and upper budget idea. Once you confirm a budget, we analyze your requirements, your target audience and distribute the fund in various digital marketing channels.

We have specialized knowledge teams, we call them WOW Teams, to work for specific client. You can visit about digital marketing solutions for Local and Small Business, SMEs, Big Brands and Digital Marketing Agencies in this section to get an idea. It depends on your requirements and scope of work. Talk to us, fill up the form available here to get in touch with our expert team.

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