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The heart of your digital marketing approach is your website. 

Everything you do online, including social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, and sponsored search, is more effective when it’s built around a professional website that’s optimised for consumer conversion.

Our internet marketing experts at Eprofess Group take a strategic, customer-focused approach to website design and development, focusing on engaging and converting visitors. So, whatever the goal is – increasing brand awareness, generating leads, converting customers, or selling things – our focus is always on the business impact(vs. a design focused strictly on visual appeal).

Process of Design and Development of a Website_

When you collaborate with Eprofess Group on website design and development, you can expect the following:

Initial consultation_

To analyse buying behaviour and the elements that drive action, our digital marketing consultant methodology begins with Persona Development and Customer Journey Mapping. The navigation structure, site architectures, and wireframes are then created. These wireframes, which are black-and-white schematics of web pages, are used to guide website design and prioritise critical page features.

Competition research_

In this stage, we collaborate with the patron to identify their foremost competitors. We evaluate competition websites and perceive the strengths in their design.

Website design_

we create the full site based on the client’s approved ideas and concepts. It comprises all graphics, database structure and design, as well as the functionality needed for the site to run properly. Our team will map several design styles to the verified framework and continue to improve designs through a series of feedback and modification cycles.

Website development _

After the website design has been finalised, the website will be developed and delivered. Our developer will take up the lead and prepare the final draught. Following the completion of the functionality development. The testing team reviews the final document and creates a usage draught and report. After then, the customer receives the merchandise.

Final Step_

Finally, we offer seamless integration with your other digital assets, such as blogging, social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing apps, and others. Our digital marketing experts can create these systems on their own, collaborate with your existing providers, or find new vendor partners, as needed.

Business strategy + Brand strategy + Digital Strategy

To assist organisations in growing, we ensure that all deliverable are highly actionable, aligning brand strategy and digital strategy with business strategy. Our technique is collaborative, holistic, and thorough, utilising numerous data sources while being streamlined, ensuring that decisions are made with confidence and that your time is used effectively. While being methodically maintained, this tried-and-true system allows us to think strategically and imaginatively.

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FAQ's on Website Development

1. Are your websites unique?

Yes, everything we build is entirely custom, with unlimited design revisions. We create everything from scratch and according to the need of the customer so that it’s easier for them to manage the website themselves. We do provide assistance but you will be able to change, modify or add to your website yourself using the administration (cms) that we will create for you. You will have access to our developers if you have any questions.


2. How much will I be paying for a website?

This is a fantastic query. This is by far the most common query we receive. We don’t have to treat you any differently than other customers because you have more money or make more money than others. Regardless of their position or organisation, we serve all clients equally. As a result, we are the only firm of our size to publish pricing for many of the most common web design, web development, and online marketing projects. We have nothing to hide because we know our pricing are competitive and reasonable when compared to similar services; nonetheless, the best method to learn how much your website will cost is to contact us.

3. Are your websites search engine friendly?

100% yes! The seo service provided will market and promote your business within the organic results of search engines like google and bing. Based on your requirements and objectives, we will devise a strategy to meet the objectives of your business by optimising your website so that it can be found for terms relevant of your business. As a result, we assist you by creating a website that is 100% seo friendly.


4. What makes your company unique?

We are a professional agency, and all of our websites are created from the ground up with unlimited changes. Most importantly, we are not solely responsible for the development of your website. We want to build a trusting, long-term connection with you. Today and tomorrow, we’ll be here. Because your success is our success, our primary goal is for your organisation to succeed online. We’re different in that we genuinely care about your business objectives and are dedicated to attaining them no matter what it takes! You can rely on our team to be there for you at all times!

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